Starting Point

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Starting Point is an 8-week conversation about Faith for MEN. Starting Tuesday - Jan 9th

Starting Point.

Everything has a Starting Point – including your FAITH. 

Starting Point is a group for seekers, skeptics, newbies, and those who’ve lost their way somewhere along the way.  It’s a safe place to bring your doubts, your fears, your hang-ups, and your big questions about all things “Faith and Religion.” 

No question is off limits, and no one gets left behind.
You’re not alone . . . we’re here to help.

– – –

Do you Have Questions?  

Why doesn’t my childhood faith
hold-up to my adult experience?

Is God angry at me
for making a few mistakes?

How can God judge me and
forgive me at the same time?

If Christianity is about faith, then
why are there so many rules?

How can Jesus claim to be the only way
to God – isn’t that narrow-minded?

Is there any “proof” that the
claims of Jesus are actually real?

What do I have to “give-up”
to become a Christian?

Can I be a Christian
and not go to church?

– – –

We’re here to help!

Our 1.5 hour group sessions will be truthful, practical, and hopeful.  It all starts Tuesday – January 9th, and we can’t wait to get started.  Are you ready to get started?  Signup Below.

8 Tuesday Nights | Jan 9 - Feb 27

Starting Point is an 8-week group that runs from Jan 9 – Feb 27.  It’s super important to commit to all (or most) of the 8 weeks because the content builds on the previous week.

7:00 - 8:30 pm @ UT Golf Club

Starting Point group will be meeting in the Santa Rita conference room @ the University of Texas Golf Club (Steiner Ranch).  Click the link below for directions.

Listen Online

Starting Point is an 8-week series but it’s only one of the many series that we offer online.  Click HERE to Listen to Previous Series or Click HERE to download our APP.


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